Kennedy Meadows Trail Clearing Updated 5/12/2014


Kennedy Meadows Trails Open Courtesy of Stewards

Nine Stewards of the Sequoia members worked incredibly hard over one May weekend with Sequoia Forest Ranger Bob Frenes clearing over a hundred downed trees from the Kennedy Meadows Trails.

This enabled the Forest Service to open the trails. They have swung the gates on Sherman Pass. Almost all the trails and camps are now open to the public.

Parital Trail Crew
Part of the Stewards Trail Crew with Sequoia Ranger Bob Frenes

With only nine crew members there was no shortage of work to do. Fortunately this year the tree falls were lighter than in some recent years when as many as 4000 trees have fallen and blocked the trails in Kennedy Meadows.

Tree Clearing

When you pass cut logs on the trails please consider all the hard work Stewards does for your trails and how we could use your help. Many thanks to the Sequoia National Forest for working with Stewards and for all the work they do on the trails.

Check out the Wall of Fame honoring those who help keep trails open

Trail Clearing

Man Sized Tree
Trail Clearing

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