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    Sustainability is one of the more popular buzz words today. Our communities must be sustainable. Our lifestyle must be sustainable.
    No doubt we all realize that allowing our overgrown forests and the wildlife in them to be incinerated by unnatural Wildfires is not sustainable. Massive efforts by fire fighters on the Sequoia Piute Fire cost of $23,647,000 while 37,026 acres have been burned, according to a Forest Report.
In 2013 in just one week the two fires called the Shirley Complex encompassing only 794 acres cost almost $2 milliion dollars to contain.
    Is bankrupting ourselves sustainable?
    Let’s all consider most of our Forests are ripe for unnatural Wildfires like the Piute Fire. It is high time the public demand our forests be actively managed to reduce fuel loads. Yes that will mean many trees will need to be cut down to thin the forest to natural density and a vocal minority abhor the idea of logging. We are seeing the results of their misguided lawsuits blocking forest management and it is destroying our forests, wildlife & air quality, while bankrupting us.
    There was a time not too long ago when timber receipts paid for recreation facilities, as well as promoting forest health, supplying a renewable resource, providing jobs & paying taxes. Now that special interests have virtually eliminated logging, we are told we must “Pay to Play” in forests that look more like lunar landscapes.
    Please contact Congressman McCarthy’s office at 661 327-3611 and ask him to help us stop the destruction of our forests by supporting active forest management to make them sustainable.


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Success Story- See how the trees survived in areas which had been actively managed in the Piute Fire in the Sequoia National Forest        Read More>>>>

Preservation efforts by Extreme Environmental groups are "killing forests & wildlife across America"
Dr. Bonnicksen describes the poor condition of our local Sequoia Forest & the lawsuits by extremists in every forest obstructing common sense thinning which would promote forest health
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If you care about our Forests you should see the video Trees Are The Answer by Dr. Patrick Moore


Overgrown Forests Provide Opportunity for Terrorism

Now that Extreme Environmental Groups have succeeded in eliminating most logging on public lands we have huge areas of overgrown diseased and dying forests. This huge fuel load is a Forest destroying disaster waiting to happen. That would be bad enough but it turns out Terrorists bent on crippling the US appear to be setting these overgrown forests on fire in California and other places. http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=SFHM0rd9cX8


Victory for Forest Health in Sequoia Monument
Federal investigators recently concluded the Forest Service acted properly in felling hazardous trees in the Giant Sequoia National Monument, bringing to a quiet end a probe loudly sought by congressional Democrats based on complaints filed by Save America’s Forests & local group Sequoia Forestkeepers.                                        Read More>>>>>>>>



Costs may top $2 billion for 2007 Southern California fires, fueled by ill conceived lawsuits - Read More

The following statement from Cal Poly will hopefully remove any doubts regarding the need for active Forest management to save our forests from death by non-management.

While state regulations are intended to protect California’s forestlands, an unintended consequence of overbearing regulatory expenses will be an eventual degradation of forest health in many of California’s forestlands. The absence of active forest management caused by overbearing regulatory expenses, coupled with a continued absence of fire on the landscape, will and has led to overstocked, unhealthy stands in many forest types in California. These unhealthy stands then facilitate insect and disease epidemics while also contributing to a higher risk of catastrophic wildfire.  PDF/Cal_Poly-Forest Practices-2003.pdf

The Cal Poly paper also finds California Forests to have the most stringent  regulations in the world.
One wonders why anyone would want to prohibit renewable resource harvesting using the strictest regulations & best practices in the world. The alternative is to get timber from other areas, where there are often no regulations & poor logging practices.

Below are a number of very informative articles on Wildfire & Forest Management

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American Forests-The Great Lie- We are wasting our Forest, but is not due to logging. We are ruining our natural wealth with political indifference & arrogance.

Senate Hearing on Wildfire 2007- Expert testimony by Dr. John Helms Professor Emeritus of Forestry University of California, Berkeley, on the need to thin forests to preserve Forest Health as well as reduce CO2 gas emissions

Need for active Forest Management- Montana Senator Aubyn Curtiss 2008
"It was calculated that it would take 1040 new cars driving 1250 miles an average for one month of driving) to equal a one acre fire".


Today's Choices, Tommorow's Forests- Dr Piirto Ph.D. head of department of forestry Cal Poly, speaks out in favor of active management

Professional Forester's Point of View- District Ranger Speaks Out in Favor of Active Forest Management

Restoration or Incineration- To log or not to log

Burn Baby Burn


Interagency Fire Statistics-Based on Agency records at the current annual rate of wildfires all our Forests may be incinerated in as little as 19 years



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