Road and Trail Conditions Updated 5/24//2017

Here is the status for the Sequoia National Forest surrounding the Lake Isabella Area

For Further information please contact the Sequoia Forest Service Kern River Ranger District at (760) 376-3781 or see their Forest Service website

Memorial Day Weekend Update

SNOWThe Forest Service has been working hard to repair roads hammered by the heavy winter storms. Many roads have been opened but they may be in rough shape. With 240% of snow pack high country trails will remain closed but campgrounds are open. (See Picture at right)

Kennedy Meadows Trails Closed But Campgrounds Open

  • Fish Creek and Troy Campgrounds will be open this weekend, bring warm clothes and enjoy the snow.
    Access is from 395 up Kennedy Meadows Road which will be open to Black Rock Station.
  • The Sherman Pass Road is closed from Black Rock Station down to the snow line above Cherry Hill Road.
  • The Forest Service is working on Cherry Hill Road and may get it open or may not due to washouts. It may not be able to be cleared in time for the weekend..
  • Alder Creek Road will be open but is rough shape
  • Stewards will be clearing the Kennedy Meadows Trails on 6/10 and 6/11 CLICK HERE TO HELP

For anyone looking for some Oak Firewood- Downed Oak's have been cut and left about a mile above the Alder Creek Campground

Evans Flat and Greenhorns Open But Cedar Fire Area Trails Remain Closed

  • Portuguese Pass Trail and Bull Run Trails remain closed due to damage from the Cedar fire and should reopen in August.
  • Evans Flat and Just Outstanding are open, as well as all trails in the area.

Breckenridge Road Closed due to washouts

Keyesville Area is open and the Weekend weather will be cool

  • A great area to camp and access trails is right alongside the Kern River by Isabella on 155
  • Free Camping and lots to do. With the weather forecast in the high 70's this could be a great spot.

For MORE information about Keyesville contact the BLM at (661) 391-6000

For MORE information about all other areas contact the Forest Service at (760) 376-3781



How We Help Keep Trails Open

Tree Clearing Fest

Stewards of the Sequoia volunteers clear hundreds of downed trees each year to help the Sequoia Forest Service keep the Kern Plateau trails open. Last year Stewards stepped up to clear almost 300 trees in order to get the trails open for motorized recreation.

Baillie Memorial
A Stewards of the Sequoia Trail Appreciation Crew

Why not put a day back into the trails you love.
Learn more about Stewards of the Sequoia Trail Appreciation Days

To Learn More about Stewards of the Sequoia see-
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