Who Are Stewards of the Sequoia

Stewards of the Sequoia promotes responsible recreation and environmental stewardship. Our more than 2400 members are diverse. Some of our members have been living in the Kern Valley for over 30 years, while other members are new to the Kern Valley. Many members are from outside the valley and even other countries.

Stewards of the Sequoia have adopted eighteen trails on BLM and Sequoia Forest Land. Since Stewards started the Trail Appreciation program in 2004 we continue to be the largest on the ground volunteer organization in the Sequoia National Forest. Our Trail Appreciation volunteer program has generated thousands of hours of volunteer time performing maintenance on over 2000 miles of trails. Link to Stewards Volunteer Hour Meter.

Stewards of the Sequoia have received awards from the Sequoia Forest as well as from legislators for our stewardship, conservation programs and community involvement. We have also received an award for our contributions as a valued Forest Partner during the Sequoia Forest Centennial.

Stewards of the Sequoia are stakeholders with the Sequoia National Forest and the BLM . We have an MOU with for stewardship with the Sequoia National Forest.

Our members care deeply about our Valley and our public lands. We represent and encourage multiple use in all forms. Our members enjoy every type of recreation in the Valley including dirt biking, 4x4, hunting, fishing, camping, boating, mountain biking, horseback riding, rock climbing, skiing, rock hounding, rafting, kayaking, windsurfing, hiking and more.

Our volunteers planted over 500 native Jeffrey Pines to help speed forest recovery from the 150,000 McNally Wildfire and continue to perform conservation work to help Forest recovery after the 2008 Piute fire.

Please join us in keeping our trails open, as well as keeping our public lands healthy.

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Promoting Responsible Recreation and Environmental Stewardship

  • Promoting Volunteerism to maintain trails and keep the land healthy

  • Improving recreational opportunities for all trail users, while caring for the land

  • Encouraging cooperation and tolerance among user groups as well as with land agencies

Here's what others say about Stewards of the Sequoia

“You are our best hope for keeping the Sequoia trails open“.
Dick Taylor, president of Kern Off Highway Vehicle Association

“Stewards of the Sequoia have been able to assist in identifying those routes that have been missed in the Sequoia trail inventory and otherwise could have been closed. It is with this type of dedicated individual and organization, that our off road opportunity is being safeguarded”.
Ed Waldheim, President of California Off Road Vehicle Association and CTUC California Trail Users Coalition

“We applaud your volunteer efforts in maintaining trails. Local Groups, such as Stewards of the Sequoia, are indispensable in keeping us informed on local issues as well as doing the ground work”.
Clark Collins, Founder and Executive Director of Blue Ribbon Coalition


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