This closed trail was reopened along with seven others through the efforts of Stewards of the Sequoia working in conjunction with the Forest Service.
What about you? Have you ever wondered how to stop the seemingly endless trail closures?
Stewards of the Sequoia are here to help.
Stewards of the Sequoia was created to help keep trails open to everyone.
Since the start of Stewards of the Sequoia Trail Appreciation Days our volunteers have performed maintenance on almost 4000 miles of trails as a Forest Service partner   Link to Stewards Volunteer Hour Meter
Since our beginnings in 2004 Stewards of the Sequoia have been the largest on the ground volunteer organization in the Sequoia National Forest. We perform more than 80% of all trail maintenance in the Sequoia National Forest.
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No organization works harder or is as effective as Stewards of the Sequoia at keeping Sequoia trails open to everyone. See Stewards Who We Are Video
Over the past fifteen years Stewards of the Sequoia have accomplished so much:
  • Have prevented the closure of over 160 miles of trails since 2004
  • Largest on the Ground Volunteer Organization-in our Award winning Trail Appreciation Volunteer program formally recognized by Federal and State Legislators and the Forest Service
  • Formally adopted and maintain 29 trails
  • Maintained almost 4000 miles of trails since 2004 such as in Kennedy Meadows
  • Cleared over 10,000 downed trees that were blocking the trails and to reduce trail braiding
  • Installed or maintained over 5200 water bars to reduce erosion so trails do not turn into massive ruts and promote forest health
  • Cleared hundreds of miles of brush to keep trails open and to reopen Whiskey Flat and Tobias Trails
  • Provided over 2000 hours of labor to build six miles of new trail in the Kern Canyon and Greenhorn
  • Stopped Just Outstanding Top 100 rated single track from being bulldozed into a road....TWICE!!!
  • Attend Regional Forest Planning meetings as a Stakeholder and spearheaded movement to have Recreation become a priority in Forest Planning.
  • Reopened the closed Portuguese Pass Trail
  • Stopped the closure of the Siretta Trail
  • Planted over 500 trees to speed reforestation
  • Work with BLM to develop their Resource Management Plan to keep all trails open and build new trails
  • Built 4 miles of new Keyesville Classic trail to restore the full single track experience.
  • Provided over $1,000,000 in Community and Environmental benefit through volunteer work
  • Research thousands of pages of planning documents and write substantive comments which keep trails open to multiple use and allow management to promote Forest Health.
  • Developed the concept to release 43 million acres of lands that were studied and found to be unsuitable for Wilderness
  • Testified in Washington DC in favor of keeping 43 million acres of lands open to Multiple Use before Congressional Sub Committee
  • Uncovered State Water Board Plan that would likely have eliminated most public access and closed roads and trails on all National Forest in California
  • Worked with Congressman McCarthy drafting a letter which was signed by 40 other legislators asking the Forest Chief to allow for robust recreation of all forms on forest lands and simplify rules to encourage recreation.
  • Prevented the elimination of lakeside vehicle camping access around Lake Isabella
  • Work proactively and with other organizations to preserve access for all and promote forest health
  • Prevented the closure of 25% of the trails in 2005. Then Drafted a pro access Trail Plan which was then adopted as the Proposed Action in 2011
Please join us in keeping our trails open to multiple use and keeping our Forests and Wildlife healthy for this generation, as well as future generations.
Stewards of the Sequoia organized tree replanting projects where we planted hundreds of Native Pines, Oaks, Cottonwoods & Willows to speed the reforestation of the McNally Fire 150,000 acre burn area.
Member donations from people like you are what has provided the funding to enable Stewards volunteers to accomplish so much and keep your trails open 
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Stewards Receive State Conservation Award
Each year since 1974 the California Off Road Vehicle Association- Los Aventureros State Conservation given to the organization who has contributed most towards conservation of off-road opportunities. Stewards of the Sequoia is honored to receive the award in recognition of our successful efforts to keep motorized trails open in Sequoia READ MORE>>>>>
Access Granted-Keeping Trails Open
Access Granted
The American Motorcyclist Association magazine interviewed Stewards of the Sequoia Executive Director about the long path that led to the creation of Stewards of the Sequoia.
"I was determined to step up and do my part to stop the closures of our public lands especially motorized single track............
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Stewards Conservation on the Trails
Kern Life
High time programs keeping public lands open to all forms of recreation were recognized.
Nice to see Bakersfield Life Magazine understands and found Stewards Executive Director to embody Conservation. Read More>>>>>