BLM Alabama Hills Plan Posted 8/24/2020


With the creation of the Alabama Hills Scenic Recreation Area the BLM has been ordered to make a plan for the area.
This is very special place as it is perhaps the only remaining public lands where one can disperse camp among scenic rock strewn valleys surrounded by towering peaks. People who camp here enjoy rock climbing, 4x4 driving, dirt biking, mountain biking, horse back riding and hiking in this incredible scenic setting. Many moveis have been filmed in Alabama Hills.
Stewards of the Sequoia have been engaged in this planning process for many years now in order to ensure that historic dispersed camping and all existing recreation opportunities not be diminished.
From the outset it was apparent that the BLM was going to push for closure of many of the dispersed camping areas rather than embrace all existing use. The BLM has now proposed to close many of the best dispersed camping areas as well as proposing elimination of all dispersed camping in two separate alternatives. These poorly concieved BLM proposals will actually harm the visitors experience and the environment by increasing traffic and dust due to forcing campers to drive in and out of the area each day to distant campgrounds.
We object to the proposed closure of this historic scenic dispersed campsite along with many others in the BLM Alabama Hills Plan
The intent of designating the Alabama Hills Scenic Recreation Area was to preserve all recreation opportunity, not to create a preserve that reduces or prohibits recreation. The BLM is supposed to manage our public lands to allow for increased use.
  • Last year on behalf of our members Stewards of the Sequoia submitted a proposal to the BLM to keep all existing dispersed camping and other recreation opportunities while addressing increased impacts to ensure the scenic beauty that all of us come to enjoy in Alabama Hills will continue. READ OUR 2019 PROPOSAL TO BLM HERE
  • In August 2020 Stewards of the Sequoia teamed up with the Blue Ribbon Coalition in providing a comment objecting to the BLM only proposing to reduce or eliminate dispersed camping and not including our 2019 proposal to retain all dispersed camping and all other recreation opportunity. READ OUR 2020 JOINT COMMENT TO BLM HERE 
Stewards of the Sequoia and Blue Ribbon Coalition will continue to be engaged in the BLM Alabama Hills Plan to help ensure all existing recreation opportunities are retained.
BLM created sign pollution restricting existing recreation camping detracts from the scenic beauty of the area