Action Alert-Monument Review                      Updated 7/12/2017

Opportunity to Overturn Restrictive Monument Designations

It is almost unheard of to overturn a restrictive designation, or reopen trails to historic dirt bike use, or restore lands to multiple use recreation.

The Department of the Interior recently announced a much needed review of Presidential Monument Proclamations done under the Antiquities Act. Stewards of the Sequoia have long argued that the Antiquities Act has been abused to designate millions of acres of inappropriately restricted lands.

There are many reasons why the 327,769 acre Giant Sequoia Monument Proclamation was a bad idea-

  • There was no public process or Congressional approval.
  • The 327,769 acre area is far larger than needed to protect the Giant Sequoia Groves.
  • It eliminated much need active management to reduce fuels and promote forest health thereby putting the Giant Sequoia Groves, the forest and local homeowners at risk of catastrophic fire..
  • It eliminated many forms of recreation such as motorized trail riding and snowmobiling

Stewards of the Sequoia submitted the following comments to the Departement of the Interior on behalf of our members

  1. Problems with Sequoia Monument Proclamation -Click Here to Read
  2. Violation of Antiquities Act -Click Here to Read


In 2005 Stewards submitted a proposal to make a minor Monument Boundary adjustment in order to keep the Sunday Peak destination trail open to trail bikes. That could become a reality now if enough people urge the Department of the Interior to modify the Giant Sequoia Monument.

Here is your opportunity to help take back your trails and help reduce catastrophic wildfires at the same time. Click the following link and then click COMMENT NOW in the top right corner

Don't wait......comments must be submitted before July 10, 2017

Just tell them what you want to see changed.

  • Do you want to see less restrictions in the Giant Sequoia Monument area?
  • Do you want to see the Giant Sequoia Monument area boundary adjusted or reduced?
  • Do you want the area to be reopened to all forms of recreation including historic motorized trail riding?
  • As one of the most scenic areas that was enjoyed by multiple use recreation the Giant Sequoia Monument needs to be reopened to those historic uses.

You can

Victory for Forest Health in Sequoia Monument
Federal investigators recently concluded the Forest Service acted properly in felling hazardous trees in the Giant Sequoia National Monument, bringing to a quiet end a probe loudly sought by congressional Democrats based on complaints filed by Save America’s Forests and local group Sequoia ForestKeepers.                                        Read More>>>>>>>>

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