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There is another push by closure activists to have the National Park Service take over management of the Giant Sequoia Monument. This will reduce your access, needlessly increase regulations and impose new fees for entry and camping.

These trails were reopened by Stewards
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Currently the National Forest Service manages the Monument under their Land of Many Uses Mandate. The Forest Service allows many uses which the Park Service is unlikely to, such as licensed OHV's on dirt roads and mountain bikes on trails.

The Sequoia National Forest Service has managed this area for over 100 years. They have done an excellent job of protecting the Giant Sequoias, as evidenced by the area being in such pristine condition to be recently designated as a National Monument as well as a science report finding the Sequoia Groves under Forest Service management are healthier that those under Park Service management.

The Forest Service promotes family values and individual freedoms. They thin overgrown trees reducing catastrophic fire hazard and promoting public safety.

Stewards of the Sequoia worked hard to prevent the Park Service from taking over mamagement of the Sequoia Monument and the closures motorized and mountina bike recreation this would entail. With your support we will stop this in future.

The Giant Sequoia Monument Association submitted a letter to the President of the United States opposing Congressman Farr's request for the President to decree the National Park Service to take over management of the Sequoia Monument and expressing concerns about the misinformation provided by Congressman Farr.

Victory for Forest Health in Sequoia Monument
Federal investigators recently concluded the Forest Service acted properly in felling hazardous trees in the Giant Sequoia National Monument, bringing to a quiet end a probe loudly sought by congressional Democrats based on complaints filed by Save America’s Forests and local group Sequoia ForestKeepers.                                        Read More>>>>>>>>

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