Breckenridge, Greenhorn, Isabella Trail Plan Updated 10/30/11

Most Trails Remain Open Due In Large Part To Stewards Efforts

Stewards are happy to report our efforts of the past five years have paid off. The 2009 Record of Desision for the Route Designation Plan determining where you will be allowed access in the Greenhorn, Breckenridge and Lake Isabella areas in the Sequoia National Forest kept almost all existing roads and trails open to motorized use.
For example due our intenses efforts Stewards was able to:
  • Get a number of trails which we pointed out had been omitted put back in the plan and kept open
  • The shoreline around Lake Isabella will remain open to continued lakeside camping even down to low water levels
  • 25% of the trails would already have been closed if not for Stewards of the Sequoia making substantive comments
We cannot rest on our laurels. There is still much to do to ensure your trails remain open. Stewards will continue to be fully involved in the current Piute planning process, Forest Plan and many other planning issues and with your help we look forward to keeping more of your trails open.
What can you do now to help keep your trails open?
  • Unless you want to spend hundreds of hours reading and commenting on the numerous 1200 plus page planning documents, why not make a tax deductible donation to help fund Stewards efforts to do that work for you? Over 80% of our members have let their membership donation expire or have not made a donation. Although we are totally volunteer based without donations we are dead in the water. While economic times are hard, once the trails are closed they will not be reopened.
  • Attend meetings OR donate the money you would have spent on gas and time to attend the meetings, so we can represent you and increase our efforts to keep your trails open.
Over the years many people have told us there was no point in wasting time attending meetings or submitting comments. They told us the Forest Service will do what it wants and we the public cannot do anything about it.
We are glad we ignored them because now it is clear they were dead wrong.
Thanks for your support. Together we can help keep our trails open.
It costs thousands of dollars to hire specialists, draft comment letters and file appeals that have been successful at keeping your trails and Lakeside access open.
Please make a donation to Stewards to help fund our efforts. Once the trails are closed it is too late.
What is the big deal about Stewards making a substantive comment?
Read some of the comments Stewards has submitted on behalf of our members and the community Click Here
We want to thank the over 2100 people who heeded Stewards call to action and took the time to submit comments before the 4/20/09 deadline in favor of keeping trails open and preserving lakeside access. Your voices have been heard by the Sequoia National Forest staff and have added clout to comments submitted by Stewards.
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