Bull Run Trail Building Updated 6/1//2015

 Bull Run Crew
Stewards of the Sequoia worked with the Forest Service over two years to secure approval to reopen a section of the Bull Run Trail that had become heavily overgrown. The single track trail had not received much if any use over the past decade or more. It weaves downhill through a mix of forest and burn areas.

Clearing overgrown brush that was seven feet tall in many places was extremely difficult. Stewards sawyers perfected a new Olympic Sport that we call Brush Walking, where the sawyer would climb seven feet to the top of the brush while carefully placing feet on branches and then cutting two feet of brush out at a time. Missing a step would find you up to your waist in the extremely thorny White Thorn brush.
 STATISTICS-Stewards volunteers rolled up their sleeves putting in
  • 754 hours to reopen this lost trail
  • 104 man days
  • 198 hours of travel to and from the project
  • 2.2 mile long section
The preferred direction to ride the trail is down from Bull Run Pass in order to avoid tearing it up. Please respect the considerable work Stewards volunteers put into it by staying on the trail.
If you ride this trail or any of the other hundreds of miles of trails Stewards of the Sequoia work to keep open please donate and become a Stewards member. With support from people like you Stewards can continue to do projects like this and preserve access. Find out how you can volunteer to help keep your trails open
Thanks to all of our hard working Stewards volunteers the new section of trail is now open.
Thanks to all current Stewards members your donations made it possible for Stewards to work on this over the past two years and reopen the trail.
Many Thanks to our Forest Service partners for all their work to make this project happen.
Stewards Crew Brushing Old Bull Run Trail

 Saw Crew
 Saw Crew on Dirt Bikes
Putting Some Love Back into the Trail