Conservation On The Trails Updated 8/1/2013

Real People- Stewards Executive Director Highlighted as Conservationist

It is high time programs 
Chirs Horga-Conservationist
keeping public lands open to all forms of recreation were recognized.
Nice to see Bakersfield Life Magazine understands and found Stewards Executive Director to embody Conservation.
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Chris Horgan created Stewards of the Sequoia in 2004 when, he says, he "saw the writing on the wall" that local trails would suffer closures unless someone spoke up to keep them open. Now, as the nonprofit's executive director, Horgan leads a group 2,500 members strong with a "trail appreciation program" that maintains 200 miles of trails each year. The group attends local agency planning meetings and reads thousands of pages planning documents to draft comment letters that are able to preserve access to public lands.
"Unless the silent majority wake up and become involved, we stand to lose access to our public lands," Horgan said...
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