Easiest way to comment Updated 7/9/07

Want to help keep your trails open, but do not know the trail numbers or names?
Just print out the maps (Click Here For Map Link to the Forest Service) Unfortunately we found that this Forest Service link stopped working so we have also posted links to the maps here
Piute Map Greenhorn Map Breckenridge Map
Once you have printed out your maps please mark the trails you want to be kept open with a highlighter.
Send the maps with a cover letter (try to add some of your own comments along with the below. Rephrase the below if possible) stating that you want the marked trails shown on the map to be kept open because they are part of a unique motorized trail system unequaled in Southern California. That you would like as many trails as possible to remain open to disperse use & provide more opportunity. That you support the Alternative proposed by Stewards to keep more trails open. Ask the Forest Service to preserve this unique motorized single track & 4x4 road system
Mail your marked map & cover letter before 7/16/07 to:
Chris Sanders
Travel Management
Sequoia National Forest
1839 S. Newcomb Street
Porterville, CA 93257
OR Email to Forest & email a copy to Stewards
What could be more simple.
For your comments to have the most effect, it would be great if you could add some written comments for each of the trails you care about. Here is a very helpful list of things to look for