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Stewards have now performed maintenance on 4000 miles of trails since 2004
We continue to be the largest on the ground volunteer group in the Sequoia National Forest since beginning our program in 2004



DATES AND LOCATIONS SOMETIMES ARE CHANGED AT THE LAST MINUTE, SO PLEASE CLICK HERE TO REGISTER for the days you plan to volunteer, or to be added to the list of volunteers so we can notify you regarding future events, or in case of location change and to determine how many volunteers will be helping. We will contact those who register with the staging information. On rare occasions we must cancel the day and we can only contact those who register.
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2021 TRAIL APPRECIATION DAYS projects will be on BLM lands.
We continue to work with Forest Service staff to reinstate Stewards wrongfully terminated volunteer program

Future project dates will be posted in the Fall based on weather and trail conditions. Feel free to REGISTER now and we will contact you when new projects are scheduled
If you want to help but are available on other dates please let us know....
PLEASE CLICK HERE TO REGISTER to help out on Trail Appreciation Days
If you do not have the time or desire to volunteer please consider donating to help fund keeping Sequoia trails open
See a short Video about Stewards of the Sequoia projects

To see more about Stewards volunteer efforts, use link to Stewards Volunteer Hour Meter

Wall of Fame - A list of the volunteers who work on the trails to keep them open

Want to find out more about what Stewards volunteers do to help the trails.
Read about some of our great projects-


Want to know Why Trails Are Maintained - Click Here

What happens when Sequoia Hot Shot Crew works with Stewards volunteers?

The majority of our trail work is in the remote backcountry that Forest trail crews find it too hard to access. We use motorized trail bikes to access these remote trails and perform work to keep these trails open to everyone. If you are interested in working on trails and do not own a trail bike please contact us and we will assign you to a project that are better suited for a days work by walking in, mountain bike or horseback. For all other projects please bring your dirt bike (geared down for technical riding) and riding gear to access the trail, as well as water, work gloves, backpack, hat and sunglasses. Bring a large back pack too if you have one. Bring any portable tools you might have-folding saw, clippers.  Forest Service will supply additional tools.
Lunch will be generously provided by Sierra Gateway Market for many events to those who confirm one week prior.

All trail days will include some good intermediate or advanced intermediate technical riding getting to and from the work area. Do not fill up your gas tank especially if you have a large tank, as this will be extra weight that will tire you out. We rarely go more than 30 miles in a day.
Please register so we can contact you if we have to cancel a work day

Camping & lodging info Where to camp in the area with showers, full hookups, swimming pool, cabins for rent or free dispersed camping

The Ultimate Trail Tool leave your chainsaw behind

How to Carry the Combi Trail Tool that we provide

The Two Thousand Mile Miracle Tire - What if I told you there is a miracle tire out that sticks to loose soil, roots and rocks unlike any knobby you have ever owned? Would you be interested?

The Forest Service has been quite responsive to Stewards of the Sequoia efforts during the trail planning process and have been able to stop the proposed closure of about 25% of single track trails and 30% of the forest roads in the Greenhorn District. Read More>>>>
One of the best ways to help keep trails open and prevent closures is to help out on Stewards of the Sequoia Trail Appreciation Days where we perform trail maintenance. Most of that work involves reducing erosion by stopping water from running down the trail which can create deep ruts and a loss of top soil as shown in this Stewards powerpoint
Please be sure and become an official Stewards member so we can keep you informed on action items to keep your trails open.
The USFS trail crew can only work on about 60 miles of trail a year. Stewards of the Sequoia performs maintenance on about 200 miles of single track trails each year. We have a choice to volunteer to keep trails open or let them degrade and be closed. Stewards have adopted nine trails and have been doing work on others as well.
We need your help.
If you like to ride and want to help keep your trails open, then please do one or two days of trail volunteering each year. We know everyone is busy, but a handful of dedicated folks cannot do all the trail maintenance alone.
Do not feel like you have to do everything, but please do something.
Bob Frenes, who rides and is in charge of the South Sequoia Trail maintenance crew for the US Forest Service, will be helping us
We hope to see you out enjoying your trails and helping to keep them open.

Nondiscriminatory Notice
The U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service prohibits discrimination in all its programs & activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation & marital of family status (not all prohibited bases apply to all programs) Persons with disabilities who require alternative means for communication of program information
(Braille, large print, audio tape, etc) should contact USDA’s TARGE center (202) 720-2600 (voice & TDD)
To file a complaint of discrimination write: USDA, Director, Office of Civil Rights, Room 326-W, Whitten Building, 14th & independence SW, Washington DC 20250-9410 or call (202) 710-5964 (voice & TDD) USDA Forest Service is an equal opportunity provider & employer