Get Involved

The number ONE reason for Trail Closures to motorized use is Noise.

No Dust No Noise is the best way to be when around campgrounds or other people. Please be considerate of other people who want to enjoy their public lands just as much as you do.

Please use a quiet pipe when enjoying your public lands. Valley Cycle is offering 20% off Quiet FMF pipes to Stewards of the Sequoia members. Call them at 661 324-0768.

Please do not race on the trails. We have a great motocross track at Cyrus Canyon. There is no charge to use it. It is located just off Sierra Highway on the left a few miles south of Kernville just past the turnoff for the town dump. You will see a large Cyrus Canyon sign on the left & a small sign for the motocross track & shooting range.

The number TWO reason for trail closure is resource damage

Stay On The Trail & Tread Lightly to help keep your trails open

Consider putting in one or two days a year of volunteer work on your favorite trail to keep it in the best condition. There are more & more people enjoying our public lands each year, but there is less & less money to maintain the trails. Volunteering is something we all need to do to Prevent Closures.

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Together we can keep our trails open