Great Setup for Clearing Downed Trees on the Trail

For those of you who find yourself riding on trails with downed trees or who want to clear spring downfalls, but hate the hassle of carrying a chain saw. Here is the tool.
Other riders have commented that I 
remind them of a quick-draw gunslinger. I stop the bike, hop off, draw the saw and am cutting before they even come to a stop.
In burn areas, where trees are falling on a daily basis, the saw is not only handy but often necessary.
If you carry one of these you can avoid building bridges and go arounds or lifting bikes over downed trees.
Some rider carry the saw in scabbard bungied across the bars. With a few zip ties and a drill you can figure out a way to mount yours. If you mount it as shown on the picture check for clearances & keep in mind the movement of the swingarm and wheel. I also zip tied some clear plastic from a bottle on the swingarm to prevent rubbing.
The setup you see here has worked for about ten thousand miles.
Below the saw is shown mounted on a 2015 KTM 350 (It is bolted to the rear fender and there is a bolt nut and washer that cannot be seen holding the saw to the side cover as well as a hose clamp at the end on the frame).
 KTM350 with Saw
You can feel good about not only clearing downed trees, but also reducing go arounds and possibly riding on sidehills.
As with any saw treat it with respect. It is extremely sharp.
The Corona 21" Pruning saw can easily cut downed trees up to 18" in diameter & best of all it is light & easy to carry in the Scabbard.
You can order the Saw $51.95 & Scabbard $27.99 from Forestry Suppliers 800-647-5368