Stewards of the Sequoia are people who enjoy all types of recreation including:

Off Road Vehicles, Mountain Bikes, Horse Riding, Hiking, Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Windsurfing, Boating, Rock Climbing and more...
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We put our time and sweat into the trails we love as the largest on the ground volunteer organization in the Sequoia National Forest to keep trails open to everyone.

Others have told us that we cannot share our public lands. We know we can and do. We encourage all people to share the trails. We believe that no one group of users has more right to enjoy public lands than another.

There are enough Public Lands for all to use and share.
Stewards Volunteers are no longer allowed to maintain Sequoia Trails in Sequoia National Forest 
Sadly, Sequoia Kern River District Ranger Al Watson wrongfully terminated Stewards of the Sequoia volunteer trail maintenance agreement of 15 years on 3/17/20.

Per his termination letter Ranger Watson has no issue with any of Stewards trail work, but he feels we are not good partners because Stewards object to the PCT Corridor and question the validity of the 2010 Piute Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM). These are freedom of speech issues, totally unrelated to volunteer trail maintenance. The Forest Service should not terminate our volunteer trail maintenance program based on anything other than our trail work. Stewards have not violated any law or regulation, we just do tons of hard trail work for free.

As a Forest partner, Stewards of the Sequoia volunteers have performed 4000 miles of valuable trail work to prevent erosion and keep trails enjoyable for everyone including clearing over 10,000 downed trees, maintaining over 5000 water bars and brushing hundreds of miles of trails. Without Stewards work, many trails would be impassable which would harm tourism and concentrate use. The Forest Service is unable to perform this work. The Forest Service needs to renew the partnership to allow Stewards to continue maintaining Sequoia trails.

The real losers here are the trails and the public. We hope everyone will sign the petition urging the Forest Service to let Stewards volunteers continue to maintain Sequoia trails so they can be enjoyed by everyone.

The Forest Service is supposed to encourage volunteerism, not turn away willing and able partners like Stewards of the Sequoia with a proven track record of maintaining over 300 miles of trails each year
On 5/20/20 Stewards took part in a mediation with the Forest Service to address the wrongful termination of Stewards volunteers and hopefully be reinstated. It was decided that Forest Staff would have another meeting with Stewards to determine under what conditions Stewards volunteers could resume working on trails. However at that meeting on 6/17/20 District Ranger Watson refused to discuss how Stewards could be reinstated, instead he stated he would not renew Stewards of the Sequoia volunteer agreement because he claims we are disrespectful, and do not help meet the Forest Service Mission. He then refused several times to provide any examples of this. The Forest Supervisor then said she supported the District Rangers decision, even though he would provide no evidence.
We know Stewards have done an incredible job of help to meet the Forest Service Mission by maintaining 4000 miles of trail. More work than any other volunteer group and perhaps more trail work than the Forest Service has done over the same period of time. We have been respectful and professional. We are sorry to see the District Ranger is acting in an arbitrary and capricious manner and making libelous claims which are disrespectful and unprofessional.
  • Congressman McCarthy submitted this strongly worded letter to Forest Service Chief Christianson urging the Forest Service to restore Stewards of the Sequoias volunteer agreement based on our past performance working with the Forest Service.
  • You can read our letter to Supervisor Benson asking to be reinstated HERE, as well as Ranger Watson's termination letter HERE 


About Stewards of the Sequoia
Stewards of the Sequoia members care deeply about our lands, wildlife and forests. We represent all people who enjoy multiple use trails. Founded in 2004, our Trail Appreciation volunteers perform maintenance on over 200 miles of trail each year as a Forest Partner. See our Volunteer Hour Meter for the total hours and miles our volunteers have donated.

Check our Events Page and find out how you can help keep your trails open and healthy. Check out the Wall of Fame to see who helped on trails this year.

We do not tolerate trail closures unless there is a valid reason. Then we try to fix the problem, instead of allowing the trail to be closed.

We sponsor tree plantings to speed up the renewal of the largest fire in the history of the Sequoia National Forest, the McNally 150,000 acre wildfire area.

We support the Forest Service in common sense management of our forest to promote forest health.

We promote Responsible Recreation and Environmental Stewardship.

Stewards of the Sequoia was formed in 2004 to help keep trails open to everyone.


We are your Grass Roots Trail Advocates.
We are a volunteer based non profit 501c3


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