What Happens When Hot Shots Work With Stewards?
Lots Of Good Things.........
On a Sunny day in October the Sequoia National Forest Fulton Hot Shot Crew fire fighters spent the day teaching and evaluating fourteen Stewards of the Sequoia sawyers to help increase their skills to B Sawyer and better enable them to perform much needed trail maintenance.
Saw Class
While volunteers learned new and better techniques for safely bucking and cutting dead trees, the Hot Shots also were able to expand their teaching abilities. So this was truly a Win Win.
Chain saws are the most efficient tool for cutting out downed trees and clearing brush from blocking the trails or to cut down standing dead hazard trees where they are near the trails and could fall on people. Sawyers whether volunteers or forest staff are required to complete Forest Service Saw Training prior to being able to operate a chain saw to fight fires or maintain trails on National Forest Lands.
There are three levels of chain saw certification with the most basic being "A" Sawyer for downed logs up twelve inches, followed by "B" Sawyer which allows cutting of up to twenty four inch logs as well as supervising "A" Sawyers. The penultimate classification "C" Sawyer is for instructors and unlimited dimension cutting.
Over the past decade Stewards of the Sequoia have performed maintenance on over 2500 miles of trails with only two B Sawyers. Imagine all the good we can do with fourteen more trained B Sawyers.
Thanks to the Sequoia National Forest and staff for the training and support which have enabled Stewards of the Sequoia volunteers to master various levels of saw operation and help the trails in a big way.
 More to Clear
 Stewards clear thousands of downed trees from the trails in burn areas