How can I help keep trails open?

Many people have asked what is the next step for me to help keep the trails open. We need members to meet with their legislators or their staff in your local town office & tell them why OHV recreation is important. This will take about an hour of your time & will make a huge difference even if your legislator is not in favor of public access to public lands. We can provide you with tools to make a compelling case to keep our trails open.
Please contact our Membership Outreach Program Director,  at
We can provide you with the tools & help set up the appointment in your local legislators office.
You do not need to be a good speaker, you just need to care about keeping trails open to make a difference, bring your kids & shows them how government works.
Please do your part. Get involved or loose your right to recreate on trails.
Together we can help keep our trails open.
Please be sure to join Stewards & please make a donation to help support our efforts