How To Carry A Combi Tool


One of the handiest tools for trail maintenance is the Combi Tool. This tool is provided too all volunteers on our Trail Appreciation Days It makes short work of digging or cleaning water bars. The trick is how to carry it easily, safely and be able to get it on and off the bike quickly.

Here is one of the easiest way to carry the Combi Tool. You may want to put duct tape on your radiator and rear fender plastic to prevent scratching. The shovel head end of the tool just bungies onto your radiator and the rear handle buniges to the rear fender. If you can please bring along some buniges of different sizes and zip ties to speed getting you set up on the morning of the project (or we can provide them). The blue ball loop bungies are also handy.

Combi On Bike

There are lots of other ways to carry them, but this is a pretty simple and effective way. Another way is for the head of the tool to be at the rear fender and the handle down by the cylinder head.

On Honda XR400's the Combi head rests neatly behind the Exhaust heat sheild and can be held in place with bungess.

Just make sure the Combi is secure and cannot slide forward or backward while riding or cause any problems with control or safety of your bike.
Another way that is quicker to get the tool on and off is shown below, but it requires installing a bracket. If you are planning on volunteering for multiple days then this way may be worth your while. but this is only a suggesiton please do not feel that you have to modify your bike as shown below. The strap on method shown above is fine.
Combi On Bike
This method keeps the heavy head of the tool low down and out of the way. On some bikes like a KTM you can use an peice of poly irrigation pipe about 8 inches long with a minimum 1 inch ID and pop rivet it to the skid plate. Then attaching a spring to hold the Combu tool in place (as shown in picture below)
The Combi pick head slides into the tube and the spring holds it in place.
The back of the Combi is held in place by a mini loop Bungee wrapped around the frame.
This setup allows you to quickly take the Combi off the bike and keeps the Combi from rattling around on the bike.