How You Can Keep Your Trails Open


All off-highway vehicle users and recreationists should be aware of the many threats against our rights and privileges to ride and enjoy our public lands. Perhaps you are wondering what YOU can do to help protect your rights? It boils down to three simple things that WE must all do if we are to protect our access to public lands.

#1. JOIN:
Join a local club like Stewards of the Sequoia and get involved with issues in your “own backyard” or where you recreate.
Join state level organizations such as CORVA
Join national level organizations such as Blue Ribbon Coalition, U4WDA and AMA.

Now that you are a member be more than just a number.
Volunteer your time and enthusiasm in the areas you enjoy with the groups that you have joined..
Stewards of the Sequoia Trail Appreciation Days are a great way to keep your trails open..

No More Trail Closures


It is up to YOU to help fund the fight. You already have thousands of dollars invested in machines, equipment, apparel and accessories, so it’s time to invest some money into the most important part of the whole equation..... ACCESS to the ROADS, TRAILS AND LAND you recreate on. Without funding from individuals and clubs the organizations like Stewards of the Sequoia cannot fight this expensive battle.

How much is it worth to you to insure that your children will be able to access your public lands?

Hiring lawyers and specialists to make substantive comments, researching thousands of pages of planning documents and regulations and meeting with agency staff are all important aspects to keeping your trails open, but it takes money. So each one of us must budget as much as possible to fund the battle.

Donate Now so Stewards can keep fighting and winning to stop closures

Watch this short video about what Stewards of the Sequoia does for you


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Recreation requires Collaboration











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