Items to comment on trails Updated 7/3/07

Not sure how to put your thoughts about why the trails are special to you into words? Below are some questions you can ask yourself & send the answers to the Forest Service.
Unsure about what trails to comment on? Look at the list of 279 roads trails proposed for closure & comment on each one that you want kept open using the below list of questions.
Does the trail or area provide:
1. a unique motor vehicle opportunity or one that is in limited supply in the local area
2. opportunity to a particular type of motor vehicle
3. Is the trail of local regional, or national significance?
4. Does it provide access to a campground, staging area, of support facility
5. Is the trail an arterial route or does it connect to two other arterial routes?
6. Does the trail provide a loop opportunity or part of a loop opportunity
7. Does the trail provide an alternative to having OHV traffic on maintenance level 3 roads or higher?
8. Are there any other factors that make the trail or area desirable to the public wheeled motor vehicle system?
Other things to look for:
1. Trails that provide access to scenic areas; scenic trails
2. Access to private land, access for permit holders - (fireood, timber grazing)
3. Quality of exprience for motorized travel - route surface, passing pullouts, clearly marked
4. degree of difficulty (rate - easiest, more difficult, most difficult) , vehicle suitablity, length of routes
5. character of route - remote/primitive vs. well developed