Kern River Valley Specific Plan


Stewards of the Sequoia have been working with the County as they have drafted the Kern River Valley Specific Plan. We are proud to say that the County has responded to a number of concerns raised by Stewards and made changes to the Specific Plan which will support continued recreation of all forms and treat all forms of recreation equally.
We also submitted comments to see ranching and agriculture encouraged to preserve the historical rural character of our area, as well as preserve open space, however we still disagree with final Draft plan's focus on Conservation Easements without any guidelines to prevent abuses by tax exempt groups. You can read our comments here
The County Plan has attempted to acheive a balance of restrictions on building and land use based on what was realistic, reasonable and affordable for the community.
Here is a link to the County with the various planning documents
Kern River Valley Specific Plan Documents
Letter to Editor "Nature Preserve or Rural Community"
Here is a link to documents which explain the driving force behind Specific Plans
Understanding Sustainable Development-Agenda 21
A Guide for Public Officials
Sierra Nevada Conservancy is the government agency that will be funding the goals & objectives outlined in the Kern Specific Plan.
According to the County one of the main functions of creating the Kern Specific Plan was so "entities" could get grant funding to implement the objectives of the Plan. Based on the current Specific Plan these "entities" will probably be Audubon Society, Nature Conservancy & Center for Biodiversity. Not Trails Unlimited.
So now you can see how the plan, meets the money, meets the objectives. That is why it is so important that we have taken action to ensure that the plan is balanced and our interests are represented.
Sierra Nevada Conservancy claims to be in favor of OHV use. However they have not provided anything in writing as to how they will help enhance OHV use and have not funded any projects to maintain or enhance multiple use recreation.