New Keyesville Classic Single Track Trail updated 12/15/2018


Over the past 5 years Stewards have 
Classic Duo
worked with the BLM to plan new sections of single track for the iconic Keyesville Classic trail, that is so popular with dirt bikes and mountain bikes.
In 2018 the BLM approved the plan. Stewards of the Sequoia members spent almost 1000 hours building about 3 miles of new trail. It is tight technical single track in keeping with the Keyesville Classic tradition.
The trail is fun and twisty with rock sections and great scenery, to replace some poorly laid out rutted sections and road sections.
Boyscout Troop 442 was a great help on the Memorial section of the trail.
Many thanks to BLM staff Harrison Freidman, Brie Chartier, Gabe Garcia and Amy Girardo for all their help and support in making the Keyesville Classic trail project possible.
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 Boyscout Troop 442 - Many Hands Makes Work Light
 Hand Work Makes The Best Trail
 Pinch Point
 Pinch Point Fence Keeps Trail Single Track