No More Wilderness May 1 ,2016


Stewards of the Sequoia just won a HUGE Victory for Public Lands.
Under a new regulation the Forest Service is looking at all multiple use lands again to see if they should be designated as Wilderness. That would mean MORE CLOSURES of motorized and mountain bike trails, as well as huge environmental impacts by concentrating recreation onto an even smaller remaining patch of land.
We think that is a really bad idea and decided to do something about it......
So in Stewards ongoing efforts to proactively preserve access to our public lands Stewards filed a letter of objection in 2016 with the Forest Service desciribiing why each polygon they are considering for Wilderness is not suitable for recomendation. We also petitioned Kern County in 2014 to submit a letter to the Forest Service telling them NOT to recommend more Wilderness.
Well on September 23, 2014 the Kern County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to submit the letter Stewards asked for Opposing the recommendation of more Wilderness.
 Kern County Meeting
 Stewards Director Chris Horgan urging Kern County Board to Oppose More Wilderness
The Sierra Club was at the County meeting in force, however with over 30% of the Sequoia already designated as Wilderness their claims of needing more rang false.
Stewards members as well our partners from Bakersfield Trailblazers, Cyclesmith and the KOA made truly heartfelt comments at the County meeting about the need to protect our vanishing multiple use lands for family recreation and to minimize impacts.Many thanks to them for taking the time to speak up. I know the Board of Supervisors truly appreciated it and will not forget the importance of multiple use.
The Ken County Supervisors and the Head of Planning made significant statements regarding the need to protect multiple use and the fact that without public comment the Forest Service is going to move towards increased restrictions. Stewards efforts educating them on land use issues and working with them over the past decade played a large part in our victory.
The unanimous vote OPPOSING any more Wilderness will send shock waves through the Sierra club and their anti access cronies.
Stewards is continuing to MAKE HISTORY by keeping your trails open and preserving access to your public lands.
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But wait there is still more. Stewards was also able to get Tulare County to submit a letter Opposing Wilderness. And both Kern and Tulare Counties will be filling their letters with Congressman, Senators and State Representatives so decision makers will know that we do not need anymore Wilderness in Sequoia National Forest.
So this is a triple header VICTORY for Access as well as the Environment. Many thanks to the Congressman Kevin McCarthy, Devin Nunes, Paul Cook, David Valadao and Tom McClintock and Kern County and Tulare County Supervisors for standing up to preserve our remaining multiple use lands.
Stewards also asked a number of organizations to submit letters opposing Wilderness and due to our coalition building efforts they stepped up. I want to thank them all for doing that. Perhaps the most impressive response to our request came from the Cattleman's Association who showed true community spirit by supporting motorized recreation as well as grazing while opposing Wilderness.
Read the Congressional Letter, Kern County and Tulare County and Cattleman letters Opposing more Wilderness
See the Forest Service MAP showing areas being reviewed for Sequoia Wilderness Recommendation. See all MAPS and information
Read the comment letter Stewards of the Sequoia submited Opposing more Wilderness. We think it is extremely powerful
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