OHV Trespass Allegations on PCT Prove False

Claims of illegal dirt bike riding on the Pacific Crest Trail in Sequoia have been proven False

This after a decade of accusations by ORV Watch and Sequoia Forest Keepers claiming Off Roaders are damaging the Pacific Crest Trail and riding illegally on the PCT.
  • Surveys by the Forest Service and the Pacific Crest Trail Association found zero OHV trespass on the PCT in Kern County on Forest Service Lands
  • An intense eight month investigation by Kern County Sheriff OHV Enforcement Team patrolling 100 miles of the PCT also found zero OHV trespass on the PCT.
  • Sheriff's deputies also talked to forty hard core PCT hikers who said they had not seen any indication of OHV trespass and several commented "This does not seem to me to be a problem" while one hiker said “It’s probably fabricated or something. It doesn’t make sense.”
PCT Crossing Report
In past years demands have been made by the Forest Keepers that Stewards of the Sequoia, a multiple use group whose volunteers have maintained over 2500 miles of Sequoia Forest trails, do something about the illegal trespass on the PCT where only horseback and hikers are allowed. When the Forest Keepers were asked where the PCT trespass was happening in order for Stewards to help no specifics were ever provided.
The Sherriff's investigation and others indicate the real "situation" is apparently the false reporting of criminal trespass on the PCT and private lands by ORV Watch and others.
According to a 2011 investigation by the California State Parks Department, ORV Watch repeatedly pushed for prosecution of four dirt bike riders who the group had photographed in 2010 allegedly riding on the Pacific Crest Trail. ORV Watch took it upon themselves to create a video vilifying these four riders by name, calling them despicable, even after the investigation by the California State Parks Department determined the riders were not on the PCT. Three years later that libelous video is still on the front page of the ORV Watch website wrongly accusing these four of riding on the PCT.
The Kern County Sheriff's Office's investigation concluded signage is poor or non-existent on many sections of the PCT. As a result it is very difficult for dirt bikes to avoid the PCT and for hikers to stay on the PCT. Proper signage is something the Pacific Crest Trail Association should be providing. However Off Roaders stepped up to pay for and donated their labor to install PCT signs and kiosks to prevent off road vehicles from using a pedestrian trail. Now that is more than being a good neighbor.
The Sheriff and Forest Service reports are a welcome and long overdue vindication proving that dirt bike riders are respectful of the Pacific Crest Trail in Kern County. Details are included in the Sequoia National Forest PCT Crossing Report
Off Roaders just want to be allowed to continue to enjoy their motorized trails in peace and have gone above and beyond by installing Pacific Crest Trail signage as well as funding $54,000 for PCT planning.
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PCT Crossing Report
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