How to Prevent Trail Closures

1) The first defense against trail closures is to ride with respect. We are not getting a new set of trails if we rip up the ones we have, so ride them like you care and want them to stay in perfect condition to enjoy them forever.
Just a ten minute ride in too wet conditions can dig trail wrecking ruts that everyone has to live with for years to come. More and more ruts are being created each year on Sequoia trails. Do your part and prevent ruts and help stop trail closures by
  • Not riding trails when they are too wet. Just turn around when you start spinning and find a drier lower elevaltion trail to ride.
  • Airing Down For Traction to prevent wheel spin
  • Using Trails Tires which provide better traction without digging trenches
2) The next way to keep your trails open is to volunteer. Trails do not maintain themselves and your help is needed.
Please register here to help maintain the trails you love.
3) Become a Stewards member so we can keep you informed with our monthly Sequoia Trail Newsletter about how you can help your trails
4) Being involved in trail plans is very important. Stewards of the Sequoia is involved in every aspect of Sequoia forest planning to keep your trails open, but our members can also be engaged. 
5) Donating to help fund Stewards efforts to keep trails open and even build new trails.