Recreation and Tourism Are Vital Updated 7/19/2012

The United States Department of Agriculture is concerned about our struggling rural economies as are we.
Their USDA Jobs, Economic Development and Sustainable Communities report states-
"Actions by public agencies to reduce or limit access to recreation on public lands have a direct impact on the local economy. Limiting access by closing roads, campgrounds, RV parking and trails impact the surrounding communities."
"Visitors to public lands utilize nearby communities for food, lodging and support facilities. Interests include hiking, photography, horseback riding, biking, climbing, backpacking, birding, hunting, sport fishing, and many more. Public land agencies’ communication with community businesses is essential to job creation and stable rural communities."
The report goes on to recommend Improving Access To Public Lands For Recreation Purposes, as well as Streamlining Permitting Processes for local recreation events.
We are glad to see the USDA recognizes the dire plight of rural economies and the need to restore access to help our struggling rural economies.
You can read an excerpt of the report regarding recreation here
You can read the full report here
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