Road and Trail Conditions 7/2/20


Here is the status for the Sequoia National Forest and BLM lands surrounding the Lake Isabella Area
Many CAMPGROUNDS and TOILETS are CLOSED to help prevent the spread of Corona Virus 
Please practice social distancing when you recreate on your public lands
Information about which Campgrounds are open is a bit hard to come by. You can see a list of all campgrounds at and then you will need to select each one to see if it is open or not. Please be aware the following campgrounds are closed.
1. Black Gulch South Campground
2. French Gulch Campground
3. Pioneer Point Campground
4. Tillie Creek Group Campsites
5. Halfway Group Campground
6. Thunderbird Group Campground
7. Oak Flat Lookout
8. Evan Flat Campground
9. Troy Meadow Campground
10. Camp 9 Group Sites
11. Hobo Campground
12. Live Oak North Campground
13. Live Oak South Campground
14. Keyesville
Also please be aware that there are some Forest Service signs stating things are closed such as Kern Plateau OHV Trails, Cannell Trail, Breceknridge Road and the Trail of 100 Giants. These signs are wrong. They are all open according to the Sequoia website and other signs. In an effort to correct this misinformation here are some of the incorrect closed signs.

Untrue the Plateau OHV trails are open and the snow long gone

Untrue the Cannel Trail is open but signed closed at many intersections

Untrue Breckenridge Road has been open for a long time

Untrue the Trail of 100 Giants is open
The Sequoia National Forest will enact fire restrictions prohibiting campfires, stove fires, welding, or smoking on all public lands managed by the Forest below 5,000 ft. The restrictions starting Saturday, May 9, are due to a heavy grass fuel load, drying conditions, and established high wildland fire danger.  
Effective May 9, and until further notice, the following restrictions are in effect below 5,000 ft:
  • No Campfires or Stove Fires. As a reminder, all developed campgrounds are closed under the Regional Order.
  • Persons with a valid California Campfire Permit are not exempt from the prohibitions but are allowed to use portable stoves and lanterns with shut-off valves using pressurized gas, liquid fuel, or propane.
  • No Smoking is permitted, except within an enclosed vehicle.
  • Operating an internal combustion engine off of properly designated roads or trails and welding are all strictly prohibited during the fire restriction period.
  • Fireworks, exploding targets, tracer rounds, and other incendiary ammunition or devices are not allowed in the Sequoia National Forest and Giant Sequoia National Monument at any time. This includes sparklers or safe and sane fireworks.
Human-caused fires can be prevented. One less spark can mean one less wildfire. Do your part to prevent wildfires. To learn more, visit
  • Troy Meadow Campground is CLOSED
  • Fish Creek Campground is OPEN


The closure area includes Rancheria Road (Forest Road No. 25S15) from its intersection with Pettitt road (Forest Road No. 26S37), then continuing northeast approximately 9.2 miles to the Alta Sierra Ski area. For safety reasons, personal firewood gathering will be prohibited in this area until hazard tree removal efforts are complete. A map of the closure area is available online at

EVANS FLAT CAMPGROUND CLOSED DUE TO HAZARD TREES probably til Ocotober -See above notice about Rancheria Closure
In past years Stewards of the Sequoia volunteers have cleared hundreds of downed trees each year to help the Sequoia Forest Service keep the Kern Plateau trails open. 
For Further information please contact the Sequoia Forest Service Kern River Ranger District at (760) 376-3781 or see their Forest Service website



Your help is needed with annual trail clearing and maintenance to keep trails open. Why not put a day back into the trails you love.
Learn more about Stewards of the Sequoia Trail Appreciation Days
Please do not ride the trails when snowy and wet as you will create ruts which wreck the trails. Just five minutes of wet trail riding requires 50 hours of repair work. Please see our Trail Tips for more information



To Learn More about Stewards of the Sequoia see-

A Stewards of the Sequoia Trail Appreciation Crew