Salmon Creek Falls Trail Appreciaition Project

Salmon Creek Crew
Stewards of the Sequoia and United Trail Maintainers of California eager volunteers celebrated National Public Lands Day on September 27, 2014 by performing trail maintenance on Salmon Creek Falls Trail in California’s Sequoia National Forest. The volunteer workforce included volunteers from the hiking, mountain biking, OHV and equestrian communities. All volunteers received a commemorative NPLD travel mug.
The thirteen volunteers worked together to clear the trail of downed trees, encroaching brush, and performed much needed tread work. We accomplished our goal of clearing almost three miles of fallen trees and brush. We were also able to improve the trail tread by better defining the trail and creating reinforced switchbacks in order to reduce erosion. In order to clear the trail of downed trees, we used certified chainsaw sawyers. They were able to cut their way through to the end of the trail with swampers rolling logs and clearing away debris behind them.
 Trail Work
 Since the trail was steep, narrow and rocky, we decided to give llama packing a try.
Mimi The Llama
 This was the first time Mimi The Llamawe have used a llama to pack our chainsaws on this district. Manfred and Kennise Ochsner brought their 13 year old llama, Mimi, in to do the job. As we finished clearing our last trees, we were grateful to have a llama carry our saws back up the steep trail. Depending on the trail and project, we may hike, use motorcycles, mountain bikes or livestock in order to get the job done as efficiently as possible. On this project, we could all see the advantage to using a llama in difficult terrain. Mimi easily walked up large boulders and fit through tight spaces, carrying our saws with ease.
This is not the first time that the Kern River Ranger District’s volunteer groups have worked together to clear trails. We have found that by working multiuse trails together, trail users from all groups build a sense of community and gain new perspectives. We look forward to carrying on the tradition of having a National Public Lands Day project every year in order to celebrate keeping our public lands accessiblee.
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 Brushing the Trail
 The Payoff
 The Big Payoff at the end of the Day
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