Sequoia National Forest Trail Inventory and Trail Plan Updated 2/8/2020

Piute Travel Management Planning Resumes

Sequoia Kern River District Ranger Al Watson recently informed Stewards of the Sequoia that his office will be resuming the Piute Travel Management Plan which has been on hold since 2011.
The Ranger has asked for our help. We look forward to continuing to work with the Sequoia National Forest to ensure that the existing historic Piute motorized trails are analyzed and to seek mitigation addressing any concerns so the trails can be kept open and become designated.

However we are concerned by the Sequoia Forest wanting to implement what they call a coarse filter to eliminate Piute trails from further analysis and thereby close them without any attempt to mitigate concerns so they might be kept open. Stewards recently submitted this letter to the Ranger outlining our concerns which you can READ HERE.
In our effrots to ensure the Forest Service regulations are followed, Stewards continue to question the validity of the 2010 Piute MVUM for which the Forest Service has refused to answer what legal process they followed to create, or what legal process they followed to close the as yet unanalyzed and in process Piute motorized trails. You can READ MORE HERE about the Flawed Piute MVUM.
It is no secret that anti access groups have been trying to shut down the existing Piute motorized trails for decades. The current push for an up to one mile PCT Corridor would close over 30 miles of existing historic motorized routes in the Piute's which we feel is in violation of the PCT Comprehensive Management Plan and Forest Plan regulations. Learn more about what we call the PCT Land Grab HERE which is proposed in the yet to be decided Sequoia Forest Plan READ MORE HERE
Stewards of the Sequoia have been fighting this battle for 15 years and so far we have been winning. Support from members like you are what will make it possible for Stewards to commit to the immense amount of time and effort, including hiring specialists, to help ensure the Piute Travel Plan keeps as many routes as possible open. Please DONATE now to build our Piute war chest and protect these irreplaceable motorized trails.

It is also more important than ever for every rider who enjoys Sequoia motorized trails to become a Stewards membe, so we can keep them informed and engaged in the Piute Planning effort. All too often riders get motivated to help after trails are closed. We need all riders to help now while we can make a difference. Please urge all riders you know to join and donate to Stewards now
What can you do now to help keep your trails open?
  • Unless you want to spend hundreds of hours reading and commenting on the numerous 1200 plus page planning documents, why not make a tax deductible donation to help fund Stewards efforts to do that work for you? Over 80% of our members have let their membership donation expire or have not made a donation. Although we are totally volunteer based without donations we are dead in the water. Once trails are closed they will not be reopened. Now is the time to take action, join , donate and be engaged to keep these irreplaceable trails open.
  • Attend meetings OR donate the money you would have spent on gas and time to attend the meetings, so we can represent you and increase our efforts to keep your trails open.
Over the years many people have told us there was no point in wasting time attending meetings or submitting comments. They told us the Forest Service will do what it wants and we the public cannot do anything about it. This is dead wrong. Stewards have proved it by stopping the closure of over 160 miles of trails in Sequouia National Forest and surrounding BLM lands. We have even built new trails by working through lengthy agency process.
It costs thousands of dollars to hire specialists, draft comment letters and file appeals that have been successful at keeping your trails and Lakeside access and campgrounds open.
Please make a donation to Stewards to help fund our efforts. Once the trails are closed it is too late.
What is the big deal about Stewards making a substantive comment?
Read some of the comments Stewards has submitted on behalf of our members and the community Click Here
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