Sequoia National Forest Trail Inventory and Trail Plan Updated 5/1/2016

After five years of planning the Sequoia National Forest Service released the trail plan for Greenhorn, Breckenridge and Lake Isabella areas in December 2009. Stewards of the Sequoia were heavily involved in this planning process . Most trails were kept open and vehicular access around Lake Isabella will continue in large part due to the efforts of Stewards of the Sequoia. There were some things we did not like about the plan, you can read about them and our legal appeal, but we think the overall outcome was a good plan.
The Piute area was held out of the final area plan due to the 40,000 acre 2008 Piute fire. The Sequoia National Forest has been doing field surveys over the intenvening years and should be resuming the Piute Trail Plan with the public in 2014.
The Forest Service has just begun the second phase of Travel Planning to determine the minimum Road system under Subpart A. Read more by clicking here
Collaboration A Big Improvement In Planning
Due to the heavy involvement of Stewards of Sequoia and many other local organizations in plans over the years, the Sequoia Forest Service decided to collaborate with them and the community in 2010 on the Piute Trail Plan. This is a big improvement over the prior area planing process. Under collaboration the public was able to be involved earlier and help ensure the plan got off on a good foot and help draft the Proposed Action.
The outcome of that collaboration was that virtually all routes should remain open. However this is just the beginning of the Piute planning process as each of those routes will need to be analyzed and those that do not meet regulations will either have to be fixed so they do meet regulations or closed.
Stewards of the Sequoia look forward to working along with other groups and the public as we move through the Piute trail plan process and work to help keep our trails open. The Forest Service had hoped to announce public meetings in the summer of 2011, but they are running behind. Stewards continues to work with the Forest Service in order to move forward on the Piute trails plan and help keep your trails open to all. We hope our members will continue to donate to support our efforts.
What can you do now to help keep your trails open?
  • Unless you want to spend hundreds of hours reading and commenting on the numerous 1200 plus page planning documents, why not make a tax deductible donation to help fund Stewards efforts to do that work for you? Over 80% of our members have let their membership donation expire or have not made a donation. Although we are totally volunteer based without donations we are dead in the water. While economic times are hard, once the trails are closed they will not be reopened.
  • Attend meetings OR donate the money you would have spent on gas and time to attend the meetings, so we can represent you and increase our efforts to keep your trails open.
Over the years many people have told us there was no point in wasting time attending meetings or submitting comments. They told us the Forest Service will do what it wants and we the public cannot do anything about it.
We are glad we ignored them because now it is clear they were dead wrong.
Thanks for your support. Together we can help keep our trails open.
It costs thousands of dollars to hire specialists, draft comment letters and file appeals that have been successful at keeping your trails and Lakeside access open.
Please make a donation to Stewards to help fund our efforts. Once the trails are closed it is too late.
What is the big deal about Stewards making a substantive comment?
Read some of the comments Stewards has submitted on behalf of our members and the community Click Here
Success Story
Stewards work kept almost all the Breckenridge, Greenhorn and Isabella existing trails open Read More>>>>