Stewards Accomplishments
As I took stock of Stewards accomplishments, I was surprised by all we have done over the years. I am sure you will be too. 
Here are some highlights:
Stewards of the Sequoia hold regular Trail Appreciation Days where volunteers perform trail maintenance to keep the land healthy and the trails open to all.
Since 2004 Stewards volunteers have performed maintenance on over 1800 miles of trails working as Forest Service & BLM partners. We have adopted eleven forest trails & have encouraged other groups to adopt another four.
Working with the Forest Service over the past seven years to identify trails for route designation & help provide a trail system for future generations
Stewards volunteers helped plant 400 native seedlings to speed forest recovery in the 150,000 acre McNally Wildfire burn area.
The seedlings have responded well to our weeding & watering program. More than expected have survived.
Stewards worked with Forest Service to set up a chain saw certification class & now our volunteers are trained to clear downed trees. A number of our members have finished the 40 hour trail cat operation course.
Stewards have been heavily involved in the Sequoia Trail Designation process. Our research found 23 trails from prior forest inventory that were missed on the most recent inventory. We also notified Sequoia Forest of eight other trails missed on the inventory & through our efforts all 31 trails were included in the inventory. Any trails not included in the inventory are considered closed.
In September 2005 Forest Service Proposed emergency closures for 27% of the single track to wheeled vehicles in the Greenhorn district. We find the proposed closures to be invalid. Stewards provided in-depth comments to Forest Service to ensure that the proposed closures are only done for valid emergency reasons. The proposed closures were not enacted by Forest Service.
Stewards compiled the Stewards Roadless Report highlighting little known rules to preserve primitive & semi primitive motorized recreation in Roadless Areas.
Stewards submitted another report to legislators, detailing the reasons why additional Wilderness Areas are inappropriate in Sequoia.
These reports have been used to educate Forest Staff & Legislators on the need to keep multiple use trails open.
(Please contact us to get a copy to give to your legislator)
Thanks to our comment letters & the overwhelming number of signatures on our petition, the County has revised the Draft Kern River Valley Specific Plan to not discriminate against any form of recreation, including off road vehicles.
Based on our experience in the field Stewards created the Successful Forest Trail Management powerpoint.
Check out the Trail Appreciation Days & how you can help to keep the trails in good condition.
Stewards brainstormed with CORVA VP of Land Use, George Paniagua, from which Stewards drafted an alternative OHMVR grant criteria, using a non-subjective formula. We hope this will be approved in future & provide steady grant funding to enhance OHV opportunity.
Stewards provided a Charity Plane flight for a local child who had lost her mother.
Stewards has adopted and reopened the seriously ovegrown but great Whiskey Flat Trail.
Stewards received $1000 Grant for brochures to educate the public. We are working to build on this by providing an OHV educational program to our local schools.
Stewards initiated a Stay On The Trail program to reduce damaging trail shortcutting.
We are happy with what we have done & hope you will continue to support Stewards efforts, so we can continue to make a difference.
As one Stewards member put it
"If you ride the trails you need to become a member & donate your $35 to Stewards of the Sequoia to help keep the trails open"
Stewards have no paid staff, all your donations go directly to keeping your trails open.
Many people feel if they donate to BlueRibbon & CORVA they have done their part. While these groups do great work nationally & statewide, rest assured no one does more for Sequoia than Stewards. For less than a set of tires you can protect your trail access by donating to Stewards, CORVA & BlueRibbon.
I want to thank those who have become members, volunteered & made a donation to support our efforts. You can see how worthwhile your contributions have been.
Here's to a even better year ahead for everyone
Chris Horgan, Executive Director
 Stewards helping to plant trees
Three generations working on the trail