Stewards Honored with State Conservation Award

Each year since 1974 the California Off Road Vehicle Association- Los Aventureros State Conservation given to the organization who has contributed most towards conservation of off-road opportunities. Stewards of the Sequoia is honored to receive the award in recognition of our successful efforts to keep motorized trails open in Sequoia and elsewhere.
It has taken a lot 
of hard work and sacrifice to shine among California off-road advocacy groups. Stewards trail volunteers deserve a lot of credit for the 20,540 hours they spent on Stewards Trail Appreciation days maintaining over 2500 miles of motorized trails. But it takes more than volunteerism to keep motorized trails open and Stewards have worked especially hard advocating for motorized trails during public land planning as well as educating legislators on the need to preserve access to public lands.
The CORVA Los Aventureros State Conservation Award is another validation of Stewards efforts. Stewards members should feel especially proud their donations have enabled and continue to enable Stewards to do so much.
Check out Stewards Wall of Fame for a list of everyone and the days they have spent working on your trails.
We want to thank CORVA for the important work they do each year to benefit off-road recreation.