STOP the Pacific Crest Trail Land Grab


Pacific Crest Trail Proposal Seeks to Steal Your Lands
We recently discovered a Pacific Crest Trail Association proposal which seeks to create an up to one mile wide Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) corridor likely restricting all forms of recreation and land management in three National Forests including the Sequoia. They also seek to limit trails and roads crossing the PCT to no closer than 5 miles apart in order to provide "more of a Wilderness experience". 
The PCT Land Grab could:
  • Close 30 miles of existing motorized trails which are under consideration for desigantion in Sequoia National Forest alone
  • Decimate world class motorized trail system in Sequoia
  • Remove 21 square miles of lands form multiple use in Sequoia
  • Lead to the closure of 20-30% of the existing multiple use trails in the PCT area of Sequoia alone
Please watch the video now and Take Action
STOP the PCT Land Grab Fund
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Or if you prefer to donate by check include a note on the check "STOP the PCT Land Grab Fund" and mail to:
Stewards of the Sequoia
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Wofford Heights Ca 93285
No More Trail Closures
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PCT Crossing Report
You can learn more in these documents prepared by Steward of the Sequoia
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