Stewards Reopen Tobias Trail Updated 12/1/2013

 Tobias Trail Crew

Partial Tobias Trail Crew including Horse, Mountain Bike and Dirt Bike members
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Tobias Trail had become overgrown due to many decades of little or no maintenance. Stewards of the Sequoia members put in over 400 hours this year to reopen the Tobias trail and make it enjoyable once again.

Donations are needed from those who enjoy these or any of the two hundred miles of trails Stewards of the Sequoia maintain each year so we can continue the Stewards Trail Appreciation program. There is still lots more work to be done on this trail and many others. Please do you part to keep your trails open.
Find out how you can join in the fun on one of Stewards Trail Appreciation Days.
Many thanks to all the volunteers for your excellent hard work and to the Forest Service staff for all their help in making this project happen

Thanks to Sierra Gateway Market for providing the great lunches to fuel our volunteers.

A big thank you to our new partner Beth Pfeiler and United Trail Maintainers of California who provided a pack string of nine horses and mules to carry tools and supplies into remote project areas. Be sure to like this great group on Facebook!!
The Forest Service lacks the funding to maintain all of their trails so Stewards of the Sequoia steps in and helps them to keep more trails open. Stewards maintain over 200 miles of trail each year in partnership with the Forest Service and BLM.
Tobias Trail starts in the high forest at Frog Meadow for dirt bikes, mountain bikes, horse and hikers. It drops downhill about 2.5 miles down to Lower Tobias Meadow where it changes to a non motorized trail for the remaining drop down to McNally's

Here is a great article
Together we can help keep our trails open!!

Local Paper Article About Teaming Up To Keep Trails Open

In the spirit of common good and brotherhood that is often spoken of but far too rarely practiced these days, a group of people who enjoy different forms of recreation are working together to keep public trails open. These volunteers recently spent over 400 hours toiling to clear decade’s worth of overgrown brush and downed trees from many miles of the Tobias trail near McNally’s Lodge so it can be enjoyed once again...........

Read More and Spread the word about the importance of working together to keep trails open

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Sierra Gateway Market
Sierra Gateway Market offers great sandwiches, deli market, grocery's, sporting goods, fishing supplies and a gas station at two locations. One in Kernville just north of town on Mountain 99 and one in Southlake on 178.
Besides being a great market they donate lunches for Stewards volunteers for every Trail Appreciation Day, as well as being a Stewards supporter.