Wall of Fame


Who Worked on Sequoia Trails

Stewards of the Sequoia members performed 83% of all trail maintenance in the Sequoia National Forest in 2019. The remaining 17% was mostly done by the Forest Service under an OHV Grant provided as a match for the Stewards volunteer hours.

Volunteers who come out on Stewards of the Sequoia Trail Appreciation Days are doing important work to keep your trails open. 
2019 Wall of Fame

The below 103 Stewards of the Sequoia members deserve our heart felt thanks for spending-
  • 995 hours working on 167 miles of trails in 2019
  • Clearing 337 downed trees in 2019
  • Installing 99 water bars to reduce erosion in 2019
Without their efforts many trails would be impassable and might remain closed forever

Working on trails can be fun and rewarding.
If you want to learn more about how you can put back into the trails you love and help keep them open visit our Events Page or send us an email

Asterisks * beside name denote number of days worked 
Mike Adams *
Dave Babroff **
Bryab Bedal *
Jonny Benskin *
Roger Bolin ******
John Botello *
Gil Busick **
Jimmy Campbell **
Chris Casteel *
Jon Cook **
Dave Diller *
Cody Eide **
Ken Ferguson ***
Chris Gibson *
Kelly Gray **
Willie Grenier **
Rick Guzman *
Kevin Hemstreet **
Amanda Jacob *
Greg Johnson *
Mike Kennard **
Jeff Leonard ***
Mike Mcgroarty ***
Leo Monti ****
Curtis Newman **
Dave Nguyen **
Kenise Ochsner *
Manfred Ochsner ****
Mark Owen *
Dan Parker *
Jessica Perkins *
Glen Ripley **
Steve Roger **
Sarah Rooffener **
Dane Rudy *
John Sides **
Nathan Steibentz **
Bob Surmon *
Dan Surmon *
John Surmon *
Vance Swanson **
Dave Sweeney *
Chris Thomas *
John Tucker **
Emilio Valsechi **
Lance Vernstrom *
Bryan Widholm ***
Kip Wood **
Ryan Young *