Stewards Reopen Whiskey Flat Trail Updated 3/27/12


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Stewards of the Sequoia volunteers invested over 540 hours to reopen the overgrown Whiskey Flat Trail. They worked hard clearing brush, removing downed trees and installing water bars to reduce erosion and make the trail enjoyable once more.

  • Many thanks to all the volunteers for your excellent hard work.
  • Thanks to Sierra Gateway Market for providing the great lunches to fuel our volunteers.
  • Thanks to Pizza Barn for hosting a Trail Appreciation Feast for the Volunteers.
This great mountain bike/hiking/horseback trail has been neglected. Stewards of the Sequoia have adopted the trail in order to get it reopened. The Forest Serice lacks the funding to maintain all of their trails so Stewards of the Sequoia steps in and helps them to keep more trails open. Stewwards maintain over 200 miles of trail each year in partnership with the Forest Service and BLM.
 Whiskey Flat is a 15 mile long trail that is anything but flat, but we have worked out a unique way to get to the project area quickly and easily. We use rafts courtesy of Kern River Tours to shuttle our crews across the river so we can focus our energy on the trail instead of a long hike in and out.
You can find out more about Stewards Current Trail Appreciation Days  

Together we can help keep our trails open!!

Chris Horgan
Stewards of the Sequoia
Division of CTUC 501c3

Support the folks who support Stewards
 Sierra Gateway Market 
Sierra Gateway Market offers great sandwiches, deli market, grocery's, sporting goods, fishing supplies and a gas station at two locations. One in Kernville just north of town on Mountain 99 and one in Southlake on 178.
Besides being a great market they donate lunches for Stewards volunteers for every Trail Appreciation Day, as well as being a Stewards supporter.  

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