Why Are Stewards Comments Important ? Updated 2/7/2020

Comment letters are a very important tool to help change plans and help keep more trails open, but most people do not understand what it takes to draft a comment letter. Reading one helps it all make sense.
Stewards of the Sequoia comments now and in the past have made a huge difference in keeping more trails open to everyone including motorized use.
Want to see what Stewards told the Forest Service?
Click here to read our comment letter including the substantive comments so you can understand what it takes to help keep your trails open.
It is very costly to review these plan documents, which are hundreds of pages long and to make these kind of substantive comments. Our efforts are funded by people like you. Those who have made a donation can be proud that you have helped fund our very effective efforts. If you have not made a donation this year please do now so we can continue work to help Keep Your Trails Open as well as preserving Lakeside access and more.
Comments are only one part of what Stewards does. We are also the largest on the ground volunteer organization in the Sequoia National Forest. We maintain strong relationships with local district Forest Service and BLM staff.
Also note the other groups that have cosigned the Stewards comment letter including both Chambers of Commerce, mountain bikers, 4x4 and trail groups.
  • Kernville Chamber of Commerce
  • Kern River Valley Chamber of Commerce
  • Isabella Bodfish Propoerty Owners Association
  • Bakersfield Trailblazers
  • Kern Off Highway Vehicle Association
  • Southern Sierra Fat Tire Association
  • High Desert Multiple Use Coalition
Stewards have worked very hard to include the community in our efforts and achieve the kind of respect necessary for these other groups to endorse our comments. Our unity increase the effectiveness of our comments.
You can learn more about Stewards past successes here