Wildlands Project updated 9/1/2016


Many of the areas shown on The Wildland Project maps in RED, as off limits to human use, already have significantly reduced public access and no management or resource harvesting through: Wilderness, Critical Habitat and Roadless Areas. YELLOW Areas are areas of Highly regulated Use where hiking may be allowed, but no homes. Only GREEN areas will allow housing.
Are any of the areas that you currently enjoy to recreate shown as RED, or off limits to human activity, on the Wildland map?
Is your home in a YELLOW Area, where housing will ultimately be prohibited through increased taxation and impossible regulations such as updating your home to current building code standards or being within a few miles of a fire/police station? Could your local rural fire or police station be closed due to lack of funding making all homes in your area nonconforming and uninsurable?
The community of Lake Isabella and the entire Kern River Valley are shown as YELLOW or RED which means you will not be allowed to live there.
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  • In 1992 The Wildlands project was Mandated by the Convention on Biological Diversity, The Wildlands Project, UN & US Man & Biosphere Program & NAFTA Border Agenda 21.
  • The Agenda 21 United Nations document pledging to evaluate progress made in implementing the plan, was signed by President George Bush Senior in 1992.
  • The President's Council on Sustainable Development (Agenda 21) was created by President Clinton in 1993, creating a method to implement The Wildlands project through Specific Plans in communities across the nation.
  • In Kern County California alone, there are currently 400 Specific Plans being created
  • Federal Landscape Wide Planning including private property and Wildlife Corridors which are shown in RED on the maps, are being proposed under the National Forest Planning Rule revision right now and also in the recently announced President's Great America Outdoors Initiative.
Contact Stewards at to find out how you can voice concerns with these huge changes and the negative effects they will have on our economy, wildlife and forest health. info@stewardsofthesequoia.org
While this may sound too incredible to be true, aren't many of the steps already in place to make The Wildlands Project and Agenda 21 a reality?
If you want to do something about stopping the Wildlands Project then:
  • Read the Sustainable Development Guide for Public Officials to find out about Agenda 21, the driving force to remove people from the land & create greater government control
  • Hand out the Sustainable Development Guide for Public Officials to your elected officials and friends
  • Talk to your friends and associates about it.
  • Join others in your area and inform your local elected leaders, many of whom know nothing about Agenda 21 or The Wildlands Project.
Here is a new website providing a well laid out course about Agenda 21
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Click Here for Wildlands Project Map of entire US
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Sequoia Wilderness Proposal
104,000 acres or 21% of remaining multiple use lands in Sequoia National Forest proposed for closure to most of the public via Wilderness designation