Stewards of the Sequoia are people who enjoy all types of recreation including:
Off Road Vehicles, Mountain Bikes, Horse Riding, Hiking, Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Windsurfing, Boating, Rock Climbing and more..... See Stewards "Who We Are" video. 

We put our time and sweat into the trails we love as the largest on the ground volunteer organization in the Sequoia National Forest to keep trails open to everyone.

Others have told us that we cannot share our public lands. We know we can and do. We encourage all people to share the trails. We believe that no one group of users has more right to enjoy public lands than another.

There are enough Public Lands for all to use and share


Stewards of the Sequoia members care deeply about our lands, wildlife and forests. We represent all people who enjoy multiple use trails. We are the largest on the ground volunteer organization in the Sequoia National Forest. Our volunteers perform maintenance on over 200 miles of trail each year as a Forest Partner. See our Volunteer Hour Meter for the total hours and miles our volunteers have donated.

Check our Events Page and find out how you can help keep your trails open and healthy. Check out the Wall of Fame to see who helped on trails this year

We do not tolerate trail closures unless there is a valid reason. Then we try to fix the problem, instead of allowing the trail to be closed.

No More Trail Closures


We sponsor tree plantings to speed up the renewal of the largest fire in the history of the Sequoia National Forest, the McNally 150,000 acre wildfire area.

We support the Forest Service in common sense management of our forest to promote forest health.

We promote Responsible Recreation and Environmental Stewardship

Stewards of the Sequoia was formed in 2004 to help keep trails open to everyone.

We are your Grass Roots Trail Advocates

We are a volunteer based non profit 501c3

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Enough Public Lands for All of Us to Enjoy Facts to counter those who want to restrict recreation on public lands

You ever think that anything you join really has an impact on the things that you care about?
Well joining Stewards of the Sequoia does!!!

Why you ask? What does my membership do?

Most Overlooked Performance Gain For Off Road Bikes

Today's trail bikes are high performance machines and many people add performance parts to them, but overlook an important performance gain. READ MORE>>>>

In Defense of Off Roading

Outside Online recently posted an article "In Defense of Off Roading" where author Wes Siler notes-

"Every time we publish an article about a truck, dirt bike, or off-road vehicle, some of our readers protest. Off-roading just doesn’t square with a lot of people’s vision of responsible outdoor recreation. I think those people have it wrong. Allow me to explain................" CLICK HERE to read this insightful article

750,000 Acre Wilderness Land Grab

Enviro Proposal Insults Responsible Trail Management

Vast new Wilderness and Backcountry Management Areas of more than 750,000 acres are being proposed for the Sequoia and Sierra National Forests by Enviro Groups Sierra Forest Legacy and Cal Wild READ MORE>>>>

Recreation Properties For Sale

The Kern Valley Area is a great get away for recreation or to relax. What better way to enjoy the area than to have a place here. Properties are less than you might think. Own a piece of paradise. READ MORE>>>>

PCT Land GrabSTOP the PCT Land Grab

A Pacific Crest Trail Association proposal seeks to create a one mile wide Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) corridor likely restricting all forms of recreation and land management in three National Forests including the Sequoia. TAKE ACTION.
Click Here to Read More>>>>>

StateConservationAwardStewards Receive State Conservation Award

Each year since 1974 the California Off Road Vehicle Association- Los Aventureros State Conservation Award.is given to the organization who has contributed most towards conservation of off-road opportunities. Stewards of the Sequoia is honored to receive the award in recognition of our successful efforts to keep motorized trails open in Sequoia READ MORE>>>>>

Access GrantedAccess Granted-Keeping Trails Open

The American Motorcyclist Association magazine interviewed Stewards of the Sequoia Executive Director about the long path that led to the creation of Stewards of the Sequoia.

"I was determined to step up and do my part to stop the closures of our public lands especially motorized single track............
Read the entire AMA article here

What Happens When Hot Shots Work With Stewards?

Lots of Good Things.......READ MORE>>>>>>>>>

Saw Class

Building New Single Track Trail On The Kern Canyon
Stewards works with Forest Service on this incredible project
Click Here to Read More>>>>>

Stewards Volunteers Invest Over 400 hours to Reopen Overgrown Tobias Trail - Trail Users Team Up To Keep Trails Open
Click Here to Read More>>>>>

Kern LifeStewards Conservation on the Trails

High time programs keeping public lands open to all forms of recreation were recognized.
Nice to see Bakersfield Life Magazine understands and found Stewards Executive Director to embody Conservation. Read More>>>>>

Thousands of Trees Block Local Forest Trails

Wildfires leave vast swaths of dead standing trees which fall for years after each fire. The result is thousands of trees, sometimes every twenty to fifty feet for miles blocking trails, making them impassable for everyone.

Stewards of the Sequoia motorized volunteers stepped up their efforts to clear over a thousand trees so far this season Read More>>>>>

Just Outstanding Trail success story 2012

A Fuel Reduction Project in the vicinity of the Just Outstanding Trail included logging sections of the Just Outstanding trail. It was planned to use this destination single track trail as a logging road. Destroying the character and appeal of the trail for thousands of people.

Stewards worked with the Forest Service to help ensure the trail remained single track. Many thanks to Sierra Forest Products for spending three extra days working at their own expense in order to minimize impacts on the trail. This is a great Win Win as thinning the area made it fire safe and the trail has been kept as single track. Most people would not even be able to tell the area was logged. Read More>>>>>

Trashing the Kern Valley- There is nothing new about Trash, but a new group called Keepers of the Kern have been doing one heck of a job of organizing clean ups along the Kern River and elsewhere in the valley to pick up the trash other people leave behind Read More>>>>>

The Overlooked Economic Giant-$646 Billion per year

In the past there have been few numbers to demonstrate why we need to keep more roads and trails open to help our economy .A new report shows people spend $646 Billion per year to enjoy recreation.
Read More>>>>>

Stewards Executive Director on the Radio talking about interesting land use issues
Click Here to Listen>>>>>

Stewards Volunteers Invest Over 500 hours to Reopen Overgrown Whiskey Flat Trail
Click Here to Read More>>>>>

BLM Releases Draft Trail Plan for Local Area

This plan will determine which trails remain open in Keyesville as well as other popular and fun trails including Dutch Flat, Willow Gulch, Long Canyon, Slick Rock and many others.on lands surrounding Lake Isabel\a. Stewards of the Sequoia is now reviewing the over 1400 page plan and we will be submitting written comments. We encourage our members to submit comments as well. The BLM will hold public meetings in October to answer your questions.                                      Click Here to Read More>>>>>

Support Legislation To Release Millions of Acres Back to Multiple Use

Over twenty years ago millions of acres of Public Lands were determined to be unsuitable for Wilderness designation, yet decades later these lands have still not been released back to their intended uses.
Send a letter now to support this legislation so you and your family can again be allowed to recreate, camp, mountain bike, dirt bike, 4x4, hunt and fish on these public lands.
                                                            Read More>>>>>

LukaLuka The Wonderdog

Stewards Trail Mascot- Luka the Wonderdog was no stranger to adventure and roamed public lands across the West. By the young age of three Luka had seen more country than most people do in a lifetime.
We will miss you Luka............

Click Here to see a video slideshow about the life and times of Luka The Wonderdog.

Extreme Terrain ExtremeTerrain values the dedication of Stewards of the Sequoia, and all those that dedicate themselves to responsible outdoor recreation.

Through their efforts, Stewards of the Sequoia provide access to public lands not only for Jeep riders, but all those that enjoy outdoor activity. We know that ExtremeTerrain customers use our selection of 2018 JL Wrangler Parts and Accessories to crawl the off road, and we encourage these riders to do so responsibly. ExtremeTerrain thanks Stewards of the Sequoia for their efforts, and for providing Jeepers access to public lands for years to come. 



Legislators Hold Hearing to Restore Access to Public Lands

The long awaited realization in the Halls of Government that the public needs access to their public lands is finally taking place due in large part to the efforts of local grass roots, state and national access organizations.

A recent Congressional Subcommittee Hearing was held in Sacramento California about "Restoring Public Access to the Public’s Lands: Issues Impacting Multiple-use on Our National Forests" They said....               Read More>>>>>

Government Report Reveals Need To Preserve Motorized Recreation Access
Legislators have been working on ways to fix our ailing government and economy by removing onerous and unrealistic regulations. The Western Caucus Jobs Frontier Report compiled by 58 of your legislators states.........                  Read More>>>>>

Congressman McCarthy Speaks Out About The WAR ON WESTERN JOBS and WILDERNESS   
"If you’re like a lot of families, and enjoy dirt biking and off-roading in the Sequoia National Forest around Lake Isabella, a wilderness area designation would prevent you from enjoying those activities. These designations not only push Federal land management agencies away from managing public lands for multiple uses, but they destroy an economic mainstay in many rural communities in the western United States, depend on revenue from visitors to neighboring Federal lands."

                                                                                          Read More>>>>>

Our Watershed has been Devastated by Preventable Unnatural Wildfire- Where are the Environmentalists Now?               Read More>>>>>>

ForestKeeper Conflict Mongering Plan FailsRead More>>

Stewards Submit Comments on Trail Plan
One of the most important tools to help keep trails open             Read More>>
Letter From 41 Congressman Who Speak Up For Recreation on Forest Lands   Read More>>
Piute Wildfire Shows Forests Need Care Too Click Here

Route Designation and Trail Planning Click Here

What if you could make a real difference and help keep trails open?
What if it would only take an hour of your time?

Watch the short video at www.TrailsInTrouble.org to find out how

Victory for Forest Health in Sequoia Monument
Federal investigators in 2008 concluded the Forest Service acted properly in felling hazardous trees in the Giant Sequoia National Monument, bringing to a quiet end a probe loudly sought by congressional Democrats based on complaints filed by Save America’s Forests and local group Sequoia Forestkeepers.                                        Read More>>>>>>>>

Watch the documentary video


Produced by
People for Preserving Our Western Heritage, The New Mexico Farm Bureau
and Crystal Clear Productions of New Mexico

Sequoia Wilderness Proposal
104,000 acres or 21% of remaining multiple use lands in Sequoia National Forest proposed for closure to most of the public via Wilderness designation                                                                                     Click Here>>>>
Also see our Wilderness Facts page

How one person made a difference in keeping trails open to all.......You can too in just One Hour 
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