Stewards of the Sequoia are people who enjoy all types of recreation including:

Off Road Vehicles, Mountain Bikes, Horse Riding, Hiking, Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Windsurfing, Boating, Rock Climbing and moreā€¦

Stewards of the Sequoia are Grass Roots Trail Advocates protecting your Sequoia trails from closure. Without Stewards Trail Advocacy more than 60% of Sequoia trails would be closed to multiple use. Without Stewards continued advocacy there will be a push to close trails.

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  • Since 2004 Stewards have been engaged and winning during many lengthy trail plans and forest planning processes to keep your Sequoia trails open.
  • Stewards have prevented the closure of over 160 miles of Sequoia single track motorized trails to date.
  • Stewards have built new legal motorized trails working with Forest Service and BLM.
  • Stewards have maintained over 4000 miles of Sequoia trails including clearing over 10,000 down trees from blocking trails, building over 5000 water bars to prevent ruts, brushed thousands of miles of trail and more.

Stewards depends on support from people like you so that we can continue to keep trails open.
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